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ACIM – I need do nothing

Date: 6th Mar, 2016 • length: 50 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The final solution is to ‘do nothing’? • When the ego-mind pauses, pure Being is immediately revealed • Whatever the mind creates, generates or imagines is not the truth • Truth is what exists before we even start seeking • ‘I need do nothing’ is a reminder that what we are looking for is already here • The more a mind matures, the more Present it is • Reaching the Divine directly rather than via complex paths • When awareness becomes aware of itself • For awareness to meet itself, it must disentangle from the world • The single biggest error: going ‘outside’ yourself to find peace, happiness and completion • One moment of awakening (pure presence, Satori) is not enough • Allowing the mind to be goalless, desireless and futureless.

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