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The power of forgiveness
Date: 08th Nov, 2015 • length: 52 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call is almost completely about the deeper levels of forgiveness • The ego transfers all its hunger and madness into the spiritual search • The most important component in forgiveness is our willingness • The end point of forgiveness is the realization that nothing ever happened • Our grievances and resentments keep us entangled in the dream world • A moment of True Forgiveness is actually a moment of Awakening
Powerful clearing statements to release the energy of punishment… wanting punishment for oneself as well as wanting to punish others.
• The way we treat people is exactly the way we treat ourselves • The infinite oneness cannot be seen as long as one is interested in the ‘battlefield’ • Grace is always there – we have to be open for receiving • How to invoke the help of God or spirit for complete forgiveness.

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