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Consciousness is ever present
CONTENTS • Exploring consciousness through self-enquiry • Body’s only use is to express the Son of God • Recognizing this shared being-ness with our brothers • The aim is to live a life of presence • We can focus on consciousness or on the
content of consciousness • If the waking state is just another dream then who is the dreamer? • Seeking truth for truth’s sake. How can a common householder seek truth • Seeking the truth is not a casual business.

Length: 58:44 minutes

Declaration of guiltlessness
CONTENTS • The highest level of forgiveness is where “Nothing has happened.” • In this dream of illusion it’s dream forgiveness for a dream event • Our task is to bypass from this feeling of “I (Ego) am Nothing and Nobody” into the feeling of “I AM” • Anything you do in life, always ask yourself – “What is it for?” • Underneath Ego’s sense of neediness and clinginess is tremendous rage and anger • Holy Relationship has only one function – to walk towards the “truth” together • Declare the sinlessness and holiness of yourself and others.

Length: 1 hour 11 minutes

Does the mind have an independent will
CONTENTS • Are you a victim of the body-mind? Does the body-mind have independent power? • The ego perceives the body-mind as very dangerous • The Son of God (pure awareness) who created this entire Universe also created the stories of victim, hence everything is our own creation • Ego is synonymous with the word “lack”. The hidden ego “desires” and “fears” are always a hurdle to truth • The ego in itself is fraud because it doesn’t exist • I AM NOT THIS MIND, I AM NOT THIS THOUGHT, I AM NOT THIS BODY. The only thing you can be sure of is – Who I AM • Fear of dissolution • Real Innocence Vs Ego’s knowledge.

Length: 1 hour 7 minutes

Pleasure is attack
CONTENTS • Our interest in forms is an attack on God • The body seems to be at its heart – pursuit of specialness and a pursuit of separation • Every pleasure is attack • The search for pleasure is based on the belief of deprivation • Expose the fear behind unstructured time • There are two ways of existing – 1) as a story line OR 2) as presence.

Length: 1 hour

Guidance and Consciousness
CONTENTS • Guidance is a fast track process to awakening • Listening and practicing Guidance • Releasing the fears to guidance • Accessing a direct knowing or instinct • Key to guidance is to – “hand-over” oneself • Willingness to be wrong • Consciousness is only experiencing itself in any given moment • Perspective of ego Vs perspective of consciousness • Consciousness has no sense of time • This “I” is just an appearance in a dream • Separation never happened • Highest level of Forgiveness.

Length: 1 hour 46 minutes

Guilt, the paper tiger
CONTENTS • Guilt is non-existent and imaginary • Ego’s desire for Triple attack – Self, Other and God • Beware of cause and effect • Ego’s core guilt of separation • Salvation through guilt and punishment • I want it, I need it , I love it – Identify the part that relishes the problems • Danger of getting caught in specifics • Defencelessness • Vigilant to Ego’s voice • Only true desire.

Length: 59:11 minutes

I want to be right
CONTENTS • Give me awakening but keep my ego intact • Defencelessness • Conflicting desire – Want truth but fearful of dissolution • You are pure light • I am not this, I am that • Fear of teacher / God • Its in our benefit to be wrong • Willingness to be ordinary.

Length: 55:52 minutes

Invoke the Presence
CONTENTS • I of myself can do nothing • Ego cannot solve anything • Invoking Presence is a harmonizing force • Remember it , awaken it • Highest state of sadhana – Either I am connected or not • Christ says – Rise above the battlefield and bring the presence of God into it • Suffering is caused by the significance that is given by us • Consciousness has no relationships, its equally related to everybody • Marriage is a concept • The only thing worthy of accomplishment in this dream is the recognition of your True Nature.

Length: 50:09 minutes

My only truest desire
CONTENTS • This journey is about knowing – Who I AM • Our only true desire is to return home • This world cannot be fixed • Ego seems to measure harmony with the absence of chaos in life • Our false measurement of success on this Spiritual path • Where is your salvation placed? • Practical application of this lesson – There is nothing my holiness cannot do • Stop seeing the world through the filter of personality • Christ says in ACIM, “That I have overcome the world, and since I have overcome the world you don’t need to overcome it, just join me”.

Length: 1 hour 11 minutes

Peace of God
CONTENTS • What is the Peace of God like? Jesus says, the biggest condition to Peace of God is – God’s peace cannot come where anger is! Forgiveness is the necessary condition to finding the Peace of God • Death is not an escape from the mess • Forgive the world • Christ says, there is no will but God’s and God’s will is perfect happiness • Nothing is happening here except the illusion of senses • What to do with conflicting thoughts • What is a sadhak’s priority • Two expressions of anger – internal anger (guilt) and external anger.

Length: 54:13 minutes

Seeking is avoiding
CONTENTS • Meditation can become a denial of God • True meditation is the absence of seeker and seeking, there is just ‘Being” • I AM the meditation • The imaginary entity called the “seeker” is itself a product of consciousness • Ego is happy to keep seeking as a separate entity • Seeking specialness is a superiority gig • What is the meaning of enlightenment when there is just one consciousness in all of us • Seeking is the energy in the system – I want, I need • The lure for gathering perfect knowledge • Thoughts will NOT lead to salvation • Truth is ever present.

Length: 44:35 minutes

The chineese version of Love
CONTENTS • Distorted miracle impulse • Seeking love in the wrong place • Spirituality is about not running towards false goals • I am salvation itself; I am what I have been looking for • Stop the running around in this dream, in this dream you just have to wake up • Ego’s desire to fail • The deeper levels of dismantling the ego thought system occurs when we acknowledge “the desire to attack” and the “desire to be attacked” • The Chinese version of love is an obsessive form of love • Only the truth is true, nothing else is true • This “I” exists because I am still interested in separate existence • Ordinariness • Giving up the totality of what you think is this “me” – is the invitation! Joining is the declaration of Oneness • Check with Holy Spirit what needs to be done today • The doing is not important, the “being” is very important!

Length: 1 hour 4 minutes

The pain of existance
CONTENTS • What if there is nothing but holiness • The sense of separation • Truth can only be sensed • Existence in form is painful • Sense of separation is the primary pain • ACIM says – there is only one problem and that problem has already been solved • Stillness and sense of timelessness are the attributes of True Nature • The stopping of “doing” reveals the truth • Solving one illusion with another illusion is pointless • ONE Consciousness is finally waking up.

Length: 1 hour 8 minutes

The slightest twitch
CONTENTS • A “slightest twitch” is all that is needed to keep you stuck in this dream, too subtle to be caught yet its usually an entry point into a larger distraction • Our whole life, all of it, is about – running away from God • Consciousness has no content, we are the knower of all content • Body is content capturer • Salvation is now, God is present now not in future • The real problem is – “I have forgotten who I am” • Ego’s resistance to the simplicity of truth • Your only fight is about maintaining a separate existence through this “body” • Are you willing to be wrong about everything? • Freedom from personality means returning home • Have the courage to allow this information to sink : “You are already that. You are already the pure divinity that you are seeking”.

Length: 1 hour 21 minutes

The whisper of Gollum
CONTENTS • Gollum (a fictitious character from movie Lord of Rings) used as reference by GD for explaining ego • Gollum usually speaks in the form of “I want this…, I need this…I must have this…” • Only an internal willingness to change the perception heals the Gollum within • Discover that part within which desires chaos and fears peace • Gollum believes in salvation through suffering. E.g. Gollum/ Ego mind says; “I will suffer to get love, I will suffer to get God’s forgiveness • Being a teacher is tough and being a student is equally tough – it’s a willingness to be wrong about everything • These two symbols of Teacher- Student hold the possibility of getting you out of the dream • Childishness is a form of defence which indicates – I don’t want to know truth • Be vigilant of where the time is getting wasted the entire day • From the ego’s view everything is polarized • I AM is the space beyond polarities.

Length: 1 hour 10 minutes

Valuable vs Valueless
CONTENTS • The whole game of Value i.e. – valuable or valueless, starts once you believe– I am this body • Ego uses the concept of body for self-punishment • Our perception of other bodies • The desire for perfect body arises from the need to be attractive and to be worshipped • Ordering / assigning relevance to thoughts (good / bad) • None of this is real • True meaning of renunciation – to understand there is nothing to capture in this dream • Resistance to truth through – victim / rebel stories • You are pure awareness and cannot be poked • Every distraction away from truth is a lack of willingness to acknowledge “Who I AM” • I AM already THAT, which I am seeking • Whatever be the nature of your problem “take it with you into the stillness” • Willingness is the key.

Length: 1 hour 3 minutes

What is my life for?
CONTENTS • Peace seems difficult when one is fully “focussed” • We need to ask ourselves; “What is our life for?” • If our life is about “awakening” then one surrenders his life to Guidance • Every step is asked from guidance – we pause, check and move • Voice of Spirit Vs Voice of Ego – which voice are we listening? • Guidance is not necessarily the happiest path but the fastest path to awakening • The Ego being a lie in itself cannot make a truthful choice • Feeling great joy in being loved may also result in feeling great sadness when someone hates you • Perceive yourself as “changeless consciousness”, perfect innocent child of God • Ego can only pretend to love • Forgiveness is a mighty tool in this dream.

Length: 1 hour 9 minutes

In my Defenselessness my safety lies
CONTENTS • Ego’s desire for safety is in opposition with Spirit’s offerings for awakening • Playing games of smallness so that we can deny who we are • The basic conundrum of every seeker is – Give me the truth but I will defend the truth with all my might • Identification with body gives rise to a timeline • Ego is synonymous to defence • All bodies are an attack on God • How can you be free from the sense of hurt? • My will Vs God’s will • As long as we believe “I am this body”, safety cannot come • If you try to protect yourself you have already attacked yourself.

Length: 1 hour 26 minutes

Personal conversation with GD – 1

CONTENTS • The desire for experience is the desire to escape from the Divine • Suffering is also a choice • Everyone is connected to Divine Guidance all the time • Teacher is simply a reminder of total Presence • Remembering 50 times a day – “I am not a body, I am free” • The body is our biggest proof of separation • God is always present.

Length: 1 hour 45 minutes

Personal conversation with GD – 2

CONTENTS • We want suffering more than awakening • Our true nature is unconditional happiness • Any experience (good or bad) is an escape from God • The story of the happy barber • Guidance is your best friend and soulmate • Joel Goldsmith – Becoming a Beholder • God’s will for us is perfect happiness • If we don’t want to experience guilt, no trigger has any power.

Length: 2 hour 3 minutes

Sexuality is also our creation

CONTENTS • Why does Ego keep on creating sexual impulses? • Ego doesn’t want to understand or transcend sex, it just wants better sex • Seeking fulfillment through sex leads to eternal unfulfillment • Sex is not bad, it is nothing • The excessive importance given to sex is just self-hypnosis • Perfect fulfillment is already present • You are not a victim of sexuality • All senses are distractions from true nature • Discovering the Changeless within us.

Length: 56 minutes

Love is the recognition of our shared Beingness (GC#184)

Length: 3:33 minutes

Our real strength gets activated only through surrender (GC#181)

Length: 5:19 minutes

Practicing the power of denial (GC#134)

Length: 3:22 minutes

Desire to be needed (GC#134)

Length: 6:32 minutes

We constantly adjust our frequency in order to relate (GC#133)

Length: 13:01 minutes

Handing over our talents to the divine (GC#131)

Length: 2:01 minutes

3 Pillars of Ego – Pride, Pleasure & Attack (GC#114)

Length: 11:38 minutes

ACIM – You are the light of the world (GC#113)

Length: 8:41 minutes

Our true kingdom (GC#96)

Length: 7:00 minutes

Discovering the ways in which we prevent awakening (GC#95)

Length: 14:34 minutes

Assigning dream roles to everyone (GC#95)

Length: 5:30 minutes

There is only one problem (GC#95)

Length: 3:46 minutes

The Holy instant – a moment of truth (GC#94)

Length: 3:24 minutes

Using relationships for awakening (GC#94)

Length: 3:27 minutes

The real Guru is within you (GC#94)

Length: 3:01 minutes

Ego doesn’t know what’s really important (GC#93)

Length: 5:27 minutes

Finding complete self-expression (GC#93)

Length: 6:25 minutes

Consciousness is = love, wisdom, freedom (GC#93)

Length: 7:30 minutes

The importance of forgiveness (GC#92)

Length: 10:28 minutes

Praying for your enemies (GC#92)

Length: 9:21 minutes

Discover the diamond in your pocket (GC#92)

Length: 9:27 minutes

Insanity of the ego (GC#91)

Length: 7:50 minutes

Our substitutes for God (GC#91)

Length: 3:29 minutes

True Happiness lies within you (GC#90)

Length: 3:07 minutes

I am not this body – I am consciousness (GC#90)

Length: 4:30 minutes

Highest worthy intention for any act (GC#31)

Length: 7:00 minutes

Releasing the energy of speediness (GC#31)

Length: 6:30 minutes

How to invoke the help of God or spirit for complete forgiveness (GC#12)

Length: 2:32 minutes

Basics of the Ego (Specialness & Victimization) (GC#03)

Length: 4:22 minutes

…beyond perception

In this clip, GD talks about the blissful neutrality that is revealed when perceptions and judgments are released.

Length: 6:30 minutes

…be the love

In this clip GD talks about BEING the love rather than seeking it from outside. It is a sense of inner peace and contentment… a space where we don’t exploit anyone for our happiness.

Length: 6:12 minutes

…what is devotion?

To be a devotee is to be ‘absent’… to be unburdened. To be a devotee is to put down the burden of ‘me’.

Length: 5:28 minutes

…when awareness meets itself

We seek fulfillment in the world outside, but is it really there? In this clip, GD talks about the ‘Holy Instant’… when Awareness meets itself!

Length: 4:07 minutes

…there is no seeker

The seeker, the path, and the goal exist only in our imagination. Peace, love, oneness is never reached… it is realized as being already-always-present.

Length: 4:26 minutes

freedom for the body vs. true freedom

In this clip, GD talks about ‘freedom for the body’ (where we are seeking freedom for the body-mind-personality) v/s true freedom (where we realize that within us which is already-always-free).

Length: 3:41 minutes

…chasing objects of beauty

What makes us say “Wow!” when we see a beautiful sunset or painting? In this clip, GD explains what we are truly seeking through all of this.

Length: 5:19 minutes

…dissolving into the divine

What does it feel like to move closer to the Divine? In this clip, GD explores the space of welcoming and openness. He explains what it means to “be the love” and dissolve into the ocean of peace and oneness.

Length: 5:56 minutes

…the gift of the pause

In this clip, GD gently leads us away from speediness and gives us… the gift of the Pause

Length: 4:51 minutes

…the love that does not change

In this clip, GD points towards the divine openness within us. It is the love that is not created by us, it is the love that does not change.

Length: 5:17 minutes

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