If you are tired of applying band-aids to your wounds and would like to see through the illusions that have you trapped in their hold, then it is time for a session with GD.

For over fifteen years, Sahil Surti (lovingly called GD) has been helping people stand in their own courage and clarity. Holding a non-judgemental, light-hearted space, he guides one out of the maze of self-deception, fixed beliefs, and their consequent overwhelming emotions in a way that enables you to rest in your true nature.

His incisive seeing and compassionate healing abilities have been life-changing for hundreds of clients. People from all walks of life and from all parts of the world, many of whom are thought leaders, healers and therapists of repute themselves have benefited from his mentorship.

But no matter how intuitive and masterful he is at resolving conflict and suffering, his core intention never changes – to walk together with each client into the deep stillness and fulfilment of our true nature.

After another session with GD I am reminded of how simple everything really is and how my stories trap me into believing that things have more meaning than they do. GD points out through laughter, seriousness, gentle prodding, challenge and exquisite insight what he sees that I am not yet seeing. The experience for me is of being complete for the first time in my life.
I would not have arrived at my current state of being without GD, and this evolves each time I work with him. In each supercharged session he blitzes through more of my ego and I feel myself leaping seven leagues with one stride. My fixed points of view dissolve and I am more in this moment, more often. GD, I am so grateful to you. Thank you.

Gina Hayden, Director, Global Centre for Conscious Leadership.

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