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A most important question
Date: 15th Nov, 2015 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The most important question : What is it for? • The ego is afraid to see the truth about the desires it is chasing • Defense is only required to protect lies • ‘Who you think you are’ determines the basis of your decisions • God has already given you everything • The primary task for us is to find our True Self – who we really are.
Clearing statements to release the controlling, planning and manipulating tendencies of ego • You don’t have to give up your dreams, you just have to look at them • No action is right or wrong, It’s the intention behind it that matters • The divine uses everything to deliver it’s message • Finding the the willingness to surrender • If we are getting the wrong results, we are unknowingly asking for the wrong things • The biggest cause of suffering is to seek love where it cannot be found.

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