Call #10


Dissolving into the Divine
Date: 25th Oct, 2015 • length: 66 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The majority of this call is a deep guided meditation about dissolving into the Divine. There is about 20 minutes of Q & A, after which GD guides the group back into stillness and surrender. Throughout the call, there is deep energy work going on in the background.
• The more we relax, the more the Divine can enter • All spiritual effort creates a barrier from source • Merging with the Divine is what we truly miss in our lives • Returning to the Unbroken Oneness, which is our true home • Thought and God can never meet • Once you get some deep experiences of the Divine, it will become the most important thing in your life • Ego is a self-hypnotic process that just wants to continue • The big bluff : Spirituality means the end of all my relationships!
Lots of clearing statements to release the lies that keep us away from our true nature.

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