Call #8


When Awareness meets itself
Date: 11th Oct, 2015 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • How the false ‘spiritual persona’ delays our progress • Relating with people in awareness • Aloneness may be the greatest gift you can give yourself • How we go on creating the cycle of guilt and sacrifice in relationships.
(The second half of this call is more about Consciousness, meditation, and realizing our true nature)
• Awareness is like candle light – soft, gentle and unfocussed • When awareness becomes aware of itself – that is meditation • In awareness, we start experiencing life as a ‘witness’ rather than as a ‘doer’ • In our true nature, we have access to tremendous bliss, creativity and intelligence • All desires pull us out of awareness • Underneath all fears and disturbances is deep stillness and peace.

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