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The Sexuality call – 2

Date: 5th Mar, 2016 • length: 57 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Forgiving our parents for being sexual (ten minutes of forgiveness statements) • Why blame sex; our whole life is about chasing sensory experience • Trying to get attention and ‘specialness’ thru the stories of our past • All experiences are meaningless and mysterious • GD shares his bread-butter story • During sex, each moment is being given meaning and reality by the mind • If we can enter sex without any stories, we move into the state of tantra • Our perceptions about someone being beautiful or sexy are very unstable • I am the storyteller… I am generating all my experiences, all the time • Brahma walks, Brahma talks, Brahma has sex • As long as the ego is driving the car, we need to use the power of choice.

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