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…beyond perception

In this clip, GD talks about the blissful neutrality that is revealed when perceptions and judgments are released.

Length: 6:30 minutes

…be the love

In this clip GD talks about BEING the love rather than seeking it from outside. It is a sense of inner peace and contentment… a space where we don’t exploit anyone for our happiness.

Length: 6:12 minutes

…what is devotion?

To be a devotee is to be ‘absent’… to be unburdened. To be a devotee is to put down the burden of ‘me’.

Length: 5:28 minutes

…when awareness meets itself

We seek fulfillment in the world outside, but is it really there? In this clip, GD talks about the ‘Holy Instant’… when Awareness meets itself!

Length: 4:07 minutes

…there is no seeker

The seeker, the path, and the goal exist only in our imagination. Peace, love, oneness is never reached… it is realized as being already-always-present.

Length: 4:26 minutes

freedom for the body vs. true freedom

n this clip, GD talks about ‘freedom for the body’ (where we are seeking freedom for the body-mind-personality) v/s true freedom (where we realize that within us which is already-always-free).

Length: 3:41 minutes

…chasing objects of beauty

What makes us say “Wow!” when we see a beautiful sunset or painting? In this clip, GD explains what we are truly seeking through all of this.

Length: 5:19 minutes

…dissolving into the divine

What does it feel like to move closer to the Divine? In this clip, GD explores the space of welcoming and openness. He explains what it means to “be the love” and dissolve into the ocean of peace and oneness.

Length: 5:56 minutes

…the gift of the pause

In this clip, GD gently leads us away from speediness and gives us… the gift of the Pause.

Length: 4:51 minutes

…the love that does not change

In this clip, GD points towards the divine openness within us. It is the love that is not created by us, it is the love that does not change.

Length: 5:17 minutes

Video clips

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